I live and play in South Norwalk, CT - less than 50 miles from Midtown Manhattan and conveniently located near Philly and Boston. I’m easily able to travel anywhere in the northeast where my clients do business, and I am open to telecommuting elsewhere.

My Credentials

Please download my resume. I am always ready to talk about great ideas, so let's get started!

Not Convinced?

I work from start to finish with a client until we are both proud of the results.CHECK OUT THE QUOTES BELOW. FROM REAL PEOPLE, PROMISE! Over the span of my career I’ve been fortunate enough to do that with several great people. Some of them were so impressed with my work that they wanted to sing my praises to the internet!

Alex Clermont - Social Media Manager
"Renée is a creative triple threat that I'm fortunate enough to have seen in action. She is a wonderful collaborator whose ideas and technical abilities seem to overcome any challenge. Her expertise in digital media tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, has proven itself beyond reproach. Whether it be last minute logo creation or advertisement imagery, Renée delivers. Also a knowledgeable programer her IT skills have been relied upon many times - as have her photography skills. With a fun, but professional, approach to every project Renée is a joy to work with."
Allen Kemp - Vice President
"Renée has helped me out many times, providing her design expertise on web site layout, presentation, etc. She is able to take the requirement or constraints that might be placed on a certain application and work within them to arrive at an aesthetically pleasing result. She's my first call whenever a graphic design project comes across my desk."
Eric Tripoli - New Media Journalist
"I worked with Renée on a multi-media project. As a writer, I look for a graphic designer that can take my words and amplify them in unique and exciting ways. Renée is an excellent artistic collaborator. She's is a fantastic creative professional who enjoys a challenge and doesn't finish until the vision is completely realized."
Caitlin Leonetti - New Media Journalist
"I called Renée in to freelance at Blah USA for some graphics for print media, and I was the company representative assigned to her, and I was responsible for giving her the material necessary to do her job. Renée is not only creative and talented but she is efficient and professional in a demanding enviornment. I would like to recommend her to anyone looking for a budding designer with edge and talent."

Contact Me

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or pretty much any other social network. Protip, my username is usually nauset. Otherwise, email me here, or fill out the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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